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This is a question I keep getting asked, but I’m not sure what its actual answer is.

Vertical Recording: When recording, you’ll want to make sure the camera is facing vertically, as vertical light is less prone to ghost images. I use Nikon F5 with tripod, but there’s no reason to use other options.

Horizontal Recording: With horizontal recording (e.g. in Live View), the camera will always face the same direction as the light source, so you’ll get more horizontal light.

Some may say, “What if the Light Bar is not aligned vertically with the LCD? That causes image noise and will cause an image quality degradation.”

For this reason, I recommend setting the light bar to “Aperture Priority”, in camera (and then turning it off in settings).

As for how to position the mic in-camera, I do this in the menus and I set the leftmost mic position as the left ear, so all the sound will emanate from that ear.

If you need to use the right mic position, the same thing applies, just change the mic position to the right ear:

To repeat the process, it’s possible in some cases to be faced with a mirror and a Light Bar with your Canon, and you’ll need to manually align the video signal to the Light Bar to compensate for the mirror.

The above setup will still be recorded using vertical recording (the only option you have).

I hope this answer helps!

If your camera is in the list you can learn how to change your Light Bar settings by following this link.

If you’re interested in hearing how to change a camera’s settings, visit my YouTube channel and check out my post Recording video in Live View: The best way to improve your video:

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Is it better to record vertical or horizontal? – Filmmaking Udemy
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