How much do legal videographers make? – How To Learn Video Shooting And Editing

As far as we know – and the law and the industry has changed since then – the average legal videographer in 2016 earned around $20,000. That’s far from the top of the income ladder.

The average salary in Hollywood for production assistants increased 6% last year, from $32,000 according to a survey conducted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (AMPAS), and production assistants make roughly twice as much as the average videographer, for example.

The biggest pay rise for legal workers is due to the rapid growth in the production of commercial and entertainment films. The average wage for an assistant producer in 2016 was $43,700, up 15% from the $41,700 in 2005, according to the AMPAS. The average wage for the production staff of a studio film is $55,600, up 4%.

The biggest increases for production aides are seen in movies such as “Captain Phillips”, “Rogue One” and the upcoming “Captain Underpants”. In that case, the salary for an assistant producer rose 7% in 2016, from $40,900 to $44,700 to give the movie’s production staff an average wage of $45,300. Production assistants earn approximately $20,000 more than the average legal worker in that industry, if the 2015 pay data from PayScale is used.

In comparison, the lowest pay in production assistants was in “Fast and Furious 6″ with an average wage of $18,310 in 2007. Although the industry was not as profitable, that wasn’t reflected in the movie grosses. As film salaries have soared over the last two decades, this figure rose to approximately $40,000 in 2015.

While production workers make the highest salary, they actually make the least of almost any occupations (which would include attorneys, physicians and even dentists). According to the 2015 PayScale survey, the average associate professor in the United States made $68,950. As such, their average wage is much lower than the average full time legal assistant.

Source: PayScale

It seems that Hollywood’s legal workforce has grown, more so than most industries have in recent years. As these jobs become more prevalent, it gives rise to the perception of wage inequality. Even though we shouldn’t be concerned with wage inequality, the fact that it seems to be growing is worrying.

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How much do legal videographers make? – How To Learn Video Shooting And Editing
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