How long does it take to edit a 5 minute video? – Blue Shooting

About a decade, if you’re being honest. The vast majority of video editors I know have about seven years of experience.

What does the future hold for editing software?

I have no doubt that after the massive changes we’ve seen with the way we edit now, editing will change a whole lot in the next five to ten years. I’m convinced it will be a completely new form of editing software that will take us from 3D to 4D in a matter of a couple of years. My guess is there will be a market for this technology, especially if we have the right software.

What advice would you give to aspiring audio and video editors?

The best advice is to read. Listen to what people are saying about how their video editing software is useful. Make sure you try a couple of different programs, because a lot of them have some really innovative things that are worth playing around with. Read tutorials on editing. Listen to a lot of podcasts.

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When I was a child, I used to think of myself as something akin to an adult because I’d been playing a lot of video games. But now that I’ve finally left my days of gaming behind, I realize that I’ve never truly been a grown up for so long.

When I started playing PC games in 2002, there were just a handful of games available for my machine. Now there’s more than 40. But when I left my mom and dad’s house and headed to the mall, I didn’t take any time to consider what I was missing.

I remember playing games like Halo 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on PC, but the thing that stuck with me in a way was being able to look at a woman as a human being, someone that I could speak to. I remember hearing that a woman can make a convincing man feel like a man when she speaks to him by telling him how much she loves him.

I remember seeing an ad for the first female-centric movie, “Men at Play.” (I don’t want to spoil anything by saying that it does well, but I do want you to read it if you haven’t already.)

When I was watching “Men at Play” one evening, I saw a scene in which a man who had recently had sex with a woman talked about how the next time he was with her she would have him over a dinner

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How long does it take to edit a 5 minute video? – Blue Shooting
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