How do you record a video? – Event Videography Tips

You use a mobile recording app.

Why does the video not come out right away?

We’ve tested a variety of recording apps and it’s always frustrating trying to figure out which one you want to use. The iPhone or Android app is where I always go to start recording.

What’s the best time to record?

The best time to record is when you’re driving a car and the street lights and traffic will make it difficult to make a clean video. If you’re recording at a restaurant, on the sidewalk, in a park, and there will be people around, it’s a lot harder to make the video nice and smooth. A few seconds after the light turns red it can become very noisy!

When recording in a crowded area, it does tend to be a little harder to get nice smooth videos. Just make sure to always make a point for the camera!

How do you do the voice and music?

The recording itself takes around 15 seconds to edit. I also usually use a mic to record my voice if possible.

What are the recording equipment’s limitations?

We don’t use the video camera because it’s too expensive and there’s probably other problems that make a video too small to show on the Web or to use on Instagram.

Do you have more details about that project?

No we did not. We’re very glad that you found our page!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to give us a call.

Thank you!

Jenna and the Dudes at The Film Society

On Tuesday, I tweeted out a link to the White House’s latest tax plan. “A bill with an estimated $1 trillion hole on the deficit and massive cuts to social spending” is the headline.

The article was in my usual “fact checking” spot. But to be honest, I just skimmed the article for the sake if my readers’ attention. I mean, what, are you supposed to be checking facts on a page? I mean, you know it is going to come up anyway, and you have other stuff you want to do.

What I see now are the facts. The White House’s tax plan would cost $1 trillion. The Congressional Budget Office projects these cost savings, and that is why there appear to be significant savings:

The proposal would also add $1 trillion to the deficit, in addition to the roughly $1 trillion in

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How do you record a video? – Event Videography Tips
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