How do I record music while playing music on my iPhone? – Learn Video Shooting Hindi

You can set an audio recording with Record to your device and choose the audio format you wish to take on recording. Select a file, select the audio source to record with, and you’re ready to go.

How do I use the audio recording interface with SoundCloud?

If you are using SoundCloud to stream your audio recordings, you can listen to them all via your microphone, or create custom files and play them all on-the-record using SoundCloud’s SoundCloud Link app. For an advanced user who wants to use the audio recording interface with a custom file to play on-the-record, check out our full guide on Customizing Your Recordings.

Where can I get a CD album artwork?

There are currently no CD album art packages available for music from the iOS App Store, but you can buy them from your favorite music shop online.

My songs are not played, why?

If you’re experiencing issues with your recordings, you may be experiencing issues with your iTunes-compatible media player. If possible, try playing the audio files directly from the iOS device. Some devices may not allow for audio playback at any time, either because they don’t support playing media, they’re stuck with their default iOS audio player, or they’re not supported by any music player available at all.

See for more advice on making sure your media player supports the device’s audio output. Sometimes, playing music from your device or iOS device’s USB port will resolve the issue. If you do it manually, you’ll need to adjust the file name to an appropriate file size and adjust the volume manually.

What’s all this about?

The iOS App Store offers over 500,000 music and audio albums and covers as well as tens of thousands of covers and album albums for you to purchase in your own iTunes collection. It’s great for discovering new music and buying new albums from different artists.

Please note, the iTunes Store is only available in English for the time being, meaning if you’re purchasing an app here, it’s important to know the language your iTunes account language code is in. It also means if you’re having a problem playing your music or experiencing issues purchasing a cover music album, it’s important to know your device’s language setting.

As far as we are aware, the only way to purchase music with an iTunes account and have it played directly on your iOS

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How do I record music while playing music on my iPhone? – Learn Video Shooting Hindi
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