Does screen recording record sound? – Event Videography Tips

What is a high definition screen? When and why do I need to use screen capture software? What are the benefits and drawbacks of using a high definition (HD) screen? How to set up a high definition display? How to take photos? What is HDR? How to see the difference between a 1080p screen and a 16:9 screen?

Do I need to record sound for videos?

What is a high definition screen? What is a video ? Does a V-LOG output to your iPod?

How to set up a high definition display?

How to take photos? There are two types of screen recordings, screen captures recorded on DVD player and screen captures recorded on computer, so which one your using will depend on the equipment you have. Both are good for you if you only want to record audio.

The only way to make recordings from your iPhone 4S that can be viewed on a computer and played back in Hi-Res (HD) or 4:3 (VGA) mode is to use the iPod with the video/audio output turned on. To do this, you’ll need to turn it on first, then adjust the screen recording setting to HD (1920×1080) or VGA mode.
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(The screenshot shows high definition recording on HD). Note that you can use the iPhone with a computer, but most video or audio programs don’t allow it. You just need to get software like VLC or Blender on one of the platforms to handle audio, so you’ll only need it for movies and TV shows.

There are a number of ways to record sound. Some videos record directly via the iPhone 4S’s built-in microphone, while others record by recording with external microphones that may have been placed around your television.

Recording via an external microphone (not available with iPhone 4S model): For videos that show your friends and family in action, you should try to record video from an external microphone connected via a headset to your iPhone 4S. This allows you to share your video or audio without having to use the built-in phone speaker.

How to record in Hi-Res (HD) or 4:3 (VGA) mode: To use High-Resolution (HD) or 4:3 (VGA) video on your iPhone, you need to first set a resolution that enables you to see that screen in 4:3 (VGA) or higher resolution. Then, you need to adjust the recording settings

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Does screen recording record sound? – Event Videography Tips
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