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How Does a ‘Diversity Czar’ Get Involved in the “Diversity Problem” at UofT?

Photo: Ryan Boyd

The University of Toronto’s new Chief Diversity Officer, Adrienne Clarkson, seems determined to turn the “diversity” department’s recent decision to hire a woman to lead the research on intergroup relationships into a sign of progress.

The U of T’s new Chief Diversity Officer is taking a harder look at how people of different backgrounds interconnect and are able to work together as a result of “diversity,” rather than focusing on specific policies against discrimination.

In the wake of the university’s recent decision to hire a male-to-female research associate (DAA) to lead the diversity work, the U of T has seen a backlash against the decision, with students and faculty saying it amounts to a “reverse racism.”

Clarkson told the U of T’s student paper, The Ubyssey, that she’s “not interested in reverse racism,” and that in the long run, “the best way to help promote inclusion is to promote a diverse academic environment.”

Clarkson’s view is certainly progressive by the standards of most universities, with only two percent of staff considered non-binary, and two percent of students identifying as transgender.

But Clarkson’s vision of a more inclusive university also comes with clear parallels to the “diversity” department’s own mission statements—which, among other things, define their roles as “facilitating collaboration between people of different cultures, identities, etc.”
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Clarkson recently gave her first press conference, telling U of T News: “There is much that needs to be understood, and that is exactly the point here. We need to understand the various different ways in which people are trying to interrelate.”

Clarkson has also expressed a more activist approach than her predecessors in the department—a shift that has been questioned by student media outlets who were critical of her previous role for the university’s LGBTQ student union.

Clarkson’s hiring follows the resignation last month of the department’s former director, John Pasternak, after he became the target

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Can you video screenshot on iPhone? – How To Shoot A Film By Yourself
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