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You, a writer for a TV or film news channel or your colleagues in the video industry can find a stable, long term gig.
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A well paid and well-respected editor has the right to ask for what they really want, where they see them need to be, to do work on a daily basis, and if they want to pay the bills of the company they work for.

Why the industry needs them

Video editors work in an increasingly fragmented industry. There are so many video production companies now that the demand for them is constantly dwindling. Not every video editor knows all the tricks and the tools to edit with, and not everyone has a strong portfolio to show off. And not everyone can afford to work in all corners of the industry, sometimes they get asked to work anywhere from a week to a year in some of the best studios in the world.

So, the industry is really growing in talent, and the industry needs these very smart professional people making decisions over large numbers of people while making money.

How many video editors in total do you think there are globally?

It is quite hard to get people to list numbers as they are a closely guarded secret

It is the world’s largest, with an estimated 657,955 video editors in total making video editing jobs available to people.

As of 2017, the number of jobs available to video editors has grown by 60,000 jobs in the last 8 years

The market for video editors in India is growing at 15% in the last 3 year

The video editing jobs in the Southwestern and the Eastern parts of India are quite competitive.

What kind of jobs are available?

In India you can make a video edit in video, video, audio, and still video and a lot more

You can be part of a team of editors making video videos or working as a team to make a video from multiple angles

You can make TV, Movie, or TV/Film short videos and sell them

You can create an entire video for promotional and marketing

You can have a great job, a really good job, or very good job, but at the same time, not be getting paid for it (or too much of it)

I am currently working as a video editor doing some marketing work for a video game company

My ideal job

A job that is always on your desk, where you have a lot of control and you make the

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Are video editors in demand? – Video Techniques For Shooting
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