Are ring lights good for video? – Video Shooting Techniques Pdf

Yes – you can use them just as you would the regular halogen on a small movie camera. (And, yes, they do actually light up the camera’s LED.)

We put about 1 ring light on each of our two cameras.

They worked pretty well together. They were light, bright, and looked really good.

But in reality, all of these are just tiny rings of light that are spread out across the video footage.

You could be taking pictures of a house party and the neighbors’ lawns right in front of your camera. Those bright lights in the background will ruin the image, just as you wouldn’t see the yard lights with those lenses on.

You’ll want to take pictures of the backyard, or the inside of a house, or the road side.

What are the challenges of shooting ring lights?

The biggest challenge of shooting ring lights is that it requires you to find your own setting on a dim night.

Even in the darkest of days that we found ourselves using the lighting just right, the video would be too dark to capture the action.

With ring lights, you have the ability to adjust the light amount in order to get the shot you want, but that’s easier said than done.

And because of the way you adjust the power level of the ring lights on the camera, you’re going to need to leave your set at a higher setting than you might be used to.

That’s just something that will add more work in the future.

Should I use a ring light with an HD camera?

You should!

If you use the ring lights with an HD camera, you can reduce your exposure by about one stop. In other words, your exposure will be between about 1/4 stop and one stop higher.

However, it also means you’ll have a very bright ring light on your handheld camera (ahem, that’s the reason you’ve found the ring on your camera – the brightest ring lights are on the HD video cameras so we can get more exposure on the handheld).

If you don’t shoot ring lights with your HD camera, you’re just putting out more light on your video. That will decrease the depth of field that you’re looking for.

Should I use a ring light on my HD camera? (I will say that in my next video, I will discuss why I don’t!)

If you only have the option

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Are ring lights good for video? – Video Shooting Techniques Pdf
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