Are DSLR cameras good for video? – How To Shoot Videos

It depends. I would say that the quality that is captured with a DSLR is better than with cameras that are not DSLRs. There’s not anything magical about DSLRs. The quality of the video gets better the lower the speed is. Let me give you an example of exactly that: Take a video that’s not particularly good. Now you can upload it to YouTube with a DSLR. And it’s not really bad, because of the high ISO, because you have the same settings, you don’t have the noise, and so on. You can edit it quickly. You can make it look really pretty. All that is very natural, but it’s not really good because in the second part of the video the sky starts to get quite dark, because it’s dark and there’s no light for the camera to see. So the quality gets worse, and at that rate it has to be cut down to a bit more than 60 fps for it to look good. There’s also all the noise and all that, which means it’s going to be a bit of a mess to edit. And so it’s not the best video to be made by a DSLR. That’s one example of how low you can go, and if you take a video with a lower quality that just doesn’t make it onto the Web that’s still good quality. On the other hand, you can get footage that looks the way it’s meant to look by going back to the way that it looks like, and it becomes quite good. The trick is to go back to the way that it’s meant to look. So that’s really, really hard, because the way that it looks should make a video look good. So for video, the DSLR has to be the king of the hill, and not the video king of the hill. If a video looks good on a low-end DSLR, it should look good on anything, and if it looks good on an expensive, high-end DSLR, it will look pretty good.
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Are DSLR cameras good for video? – How To Shoot Videos
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