Who is the poorest rapper? – Wanna Learn Rap God Fast Part 1

We think the poor people in the world, but the rich are not so. The poor do not have great albums, the rich do, because they do so much.”

His music has helped inspire many in Nigeria, but many have no clue what he sounds like. The music industry in Nigeria is based largely on copyright, and the people that do have access to it have fewer rights than most.

“These are not people that are doing it on the internet,” he says.

And if they do have access to music, the music in particular can often sound tinny and uninspired.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The artist in question is Kolo Toure

That is why artist Mr Toure is taking a different approach to his music.

He is releasing his music in formats that other Nigerian artists cannot, and distributing the music globally.

He sells it on CD and vinyl. It is not just one guy in a studio producing these songs, he says.

“I am the one organising a distribution network. So whenever people want to listen to these songs on the radio, they can get my CDs instead of my CDs,” he says.

At the same time he is working with international talent in the UK, who will make a contribution to the album’s production cost.

Mr Toure’s music will appear on an upcoming album that is intended to be released in 2016, Mr Toure says.

The artist also has plans to release the songs on cassette tapes, which he says can be recharged.

His music will be available in multiple formats – including CDs, cassettes, mp3s and even a digital product – for sale in Nigeria.

“The artist does not need to put a huge amount of money into marketing this.”

The new music model

In 2008, the Nigerian government granted a 10-year licence to Banyan Tree Records.

The company’s music is now available on digital platforms like Napster, however the music is not yet on sale in Nigeria.

In his book on international music, Mr Toure says that even that will be changed if the government steps in – in effect, encouraging internet access in the country.

He believes that music will be the major platform for Nigerian musicians and artists to reach a global audience.

“If I do not distribute music, who will?

“If you live in a rural area like I do, you cannot make

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Who is the poorest rapper? – Wanna Learn Rap God Fast Part 1
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