Who is the best Korean rapper? – Youtube Rock N Learn Multiplication Rap Song

1) Sonam

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After Sonam debuted in 2009 with his debut track “I’m the Best”, he has shown no signs of stopping with his incredible performance. His popularity and album sales went from 1 million in the first quarter of 2012 to 10 million in the quarter the album was released in April. With numerous awards and honors, it is no wonder why the 23 year old is at the top of the list. His songs appeal to anyone’s interest, but can also appeal to the Korean music lovers. Sonam is one of the few rappers who have the ability to deliver catchy and exciting songs in a relaxed, comfortable manner in the rap-style that is popular in Korea. The reason for his success lies in his simple and yet easy-going style of delivery. Sonam’s lyrics are easy to understand and understand how to express his emotions.

2) EXO

Although many other Korean MC’s from SM Entertainment and Big Bang are popular, EXO are arguably the two artists to be looked into the most in Korea. With a solid, mature and popular song list, EXO’s music has earned them enough recognition and accolades to be a contender for the top of this list, but it is Sonam who really stands out. The Korean rapper’s music is full of energetic songs in a unique and refreshing twist of flow to keep you coming back to his tracks each time. As the rapper grew older, he’s become a more mature and mature in terms of his music. With a mature style of lyrics, Sonam is perfect to introduce people to Korean and American hip hop and rap respectively.

3) Taegeuk

Taegeuk’s hip hop is a new genre that is being adopted by rappers in Korea, but one that Taegeuk has really helped bring into popularity is the R&B/Hip-Hop genre that comes across a bit too familiar to the American hip hop listener on the radio. The idea behind the genre of R&B and Hip-Hop isn’t the same, since they have different roots, but there is a unique style of music that gives them very different sounds. With the right amount of focus and attention, Taegeuk’s music has the ability to catch a listener off guard and let them dance. While the music isn’t as refined as others around, the music brings a special quality to a variety of songs. The song list is short, fun and catchy, and the performance is the most polished to date.

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Who is the best Korean rapper? – Youtube Rock N Learn Multiplication Rap Song
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