Who created rap? – Book Of Rhymes: The Poetics Of Hip Hop

Is that where it starts in a way?
Can't Stop Won't Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation ...

Sasha: I think it’s just a great place to go for everything, from the business side to the personal side to the creative side to the artistic side. I get to go see other people and see the world of rap. I get to get to see their process, in the moment, so it’s a great thing. The music itself is a great thing, so to be a part of it, just the idea or the inspiration—they bring the world in.

Kendrick Lamar and James Blake have talked about that concept before. The last time you guys were in Vegas was in June. What’s it like to be able to record a song together at the same time, and what does it mean to you as a songwriter?

Sasha: This is the first time that I got to be in Vegas because both of us have these homes there. My home is the house I grew up in. James is from the house he’s from right now. He’s from Chicago, so it’s interesting because we all kind of came from one place to make this happen. We can go to this record studio with just our friends and it’s like, “We got our home!”

We’re just excited to be there, I mean James’s going to be there and Kendrick’s going to be there, so it’s just a wonderful place. My husband is in Vegas and he lives in a hotel in Vegas and then we have two kids and like, who’s going to get us? So I’m just excited to be in Vegas again, for the first time since we met and everything.

I have to ask because you mentioned that you were a bit nervous going in, what was your anticipation going in?

Sasha: I was nervous because I was like, “Well, it’s going to be a really interesting experience and I’m going to have to be in a hotel all night.” I had never been to Vegas before, and this was the first time but I’ve been up there a couple of times. I’ve heard about it and seen a few videos. I wasn’t really excited, I just knew it was the first time.

I was really scared thinking like, “What if it goes badly?” What if it breaks before you know it? But it definitely was an incredible ride. You know in any band of this size, it seems like there’s always that one song where it didn’t do well

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Who created rap? – Book Of Rhymes: The Poetics Of Hip Hop
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