What rhymes with lots? – How To Learn Rap God Fast Part Cleaning Machine

Well this one comes from:

If you want a baby, why not just stick with it when life gets rough?

She’s a real mother.

And to me I’m a real father.

But I was a bad actor, because he was so hot and I didn’t know him

So I just took him for a ride.

When I was twelve I was married to a man with money and he was kind of a wimp

I’m sure he thought he was the only one who could make me feel like that [laughs]

But when we was getting up to the big apartment, and him getting up there too

Yeah, it was just awkward.

Like he used to take a seat and I’d sit up at one end.

Now this happens.

I’m so used to it, that I forget a lot of the people I used to meet. [laughs] [SOUNDGARDER] Yeah, I’m not sure why, but I guess that’s just, uh, I guess you just don’t notice all of these other people who you didn’t know before and now they’re like family [laughs] I dunno.

Yeah. Now one other thing I wanna go and say, I’ve got to say just a little something about all these things I’m about to tell you.

When I’m writing a song, one of the last things I’ll think about before I start writing it is, uh, what is it going to sound like?

And it feels like it, you know, is going to give the audience an idea of, you know, who those artists are.

I think it’s a little bit obvious, but, uh, you know, you can see that when I’m writing a song.

But, uh, I don’t like to overthink it, or I just don’t like people, you know. [laughs] You know, it really has to just come naturally, and it doesn’t have to feel like you’re telling anybody anything that they’re not already expecting, but it just seems to have a little more of an effect on the listener.

Um, so what happens when they listen to a song, is that it, uh, seems to start to get to them in a much more real way?

Yeah, I can never write for the sake of creating more of a sensation.

Like, that

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What rhymes with lots? – How To Learn Rap God Fast Part Cleaning Machine
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