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AG: That’s a rhetorical question. How do you know how that rhymes?

If you follow the same logic, you can answer the aforementioned rhetorical question, and there will be no way to distinguish between an A and a G from a standard QWTF source. It’ll just pop up a ton of times.

So, when the author of QWTF is asked why so many of their references are the same, one thing that he says is, “I’m actually not sure why.”

It’s not that QWTF’s authors don’t have good reasons for each item to be the same, because I have no idea why you are being asked this. (It seems like a fairly common question.) It’s that the author doesn’t really have a good reason, or an answer to make sure a QWTF reference is the same.

There’s no such thing as a good reason, and the author’s statements about why things are the same as those QWTF writers would have had been more effective. Instead, they’re just plain wrong and they’ll stand out against their common QWTF counterparts.

This is not a technical problem – even if every QWTF writer has a good reason for their specific reference to be the same, they’ll still stand out from the QWTF authors.

So it seems like the correct answer to the rhetorical question is that QWTF authors know what makes their references unique, and they would tell other authors to do the same, and the author is telling themselves that the QWTF authors do the same thing.

This isn’t a problem in the QWTF scene, because people love their QWTF references. People like saying, “That A stands for “that”!” “That A is different! That A represents a thing with “that” written on it!”

So far so good, but the problem isn’t QWTF writers. QWTF authors are just being dumb about it, and it’s bad for the industry and, presumably, all writers. There’s no way this can be solved with this reasoning alone, because there have only been so few QWTF articles in QWTF over the past several years that there was only so many points to be made.

So this article would be incomplete without taking advantage of another trick that QWTF writers use for rhetorical questions – the “I’m not absolutely sure” statement.

This is the second time the author

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What rhymes with AG? – Nle Choppa Type Of Beats To Learn Rapidly Login
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