What is MC in rap? – How To Learn Rap God Slow Parties On The Move

It’s what MCing looks like. It’s the music.

How did you begin your DJ career?

I had an audition about three years ago for a club near where I live. It was for my DJ skills, not too much about my DJing. I got it, and then it went to YouTube and I got it. Now, I don’t really get involved with it, I’m more of a producer and manager. I actually just put out a party called “All Stars” in Miami in December. You won’t find one of my songs there at all, except for “Swing.” I had it put on there, and then I just did it up. The most important thing is that I put it on YouTube in order to help it grow. I got a whole club of guys from all over the world in Florida that we call “the house crew.” Their main focus is getting to know each other better and making sure all the songs are done right, or something. “All Stars” was put on there to help the album grow.

So you’re the DJ in Miami.

Yeah. A lot of it is going to be done on our own, but we had this guy named DJ Kaskus in the past. He comes over to our house to do the mixes and put it on YouTube, and he’s doing great right now.

How did you meet DJ Kaskus?

From a chance situation. After the video “New Year’s Eve” popped up on the internet, a guy named DJ Shiba, who lives in the house with me, decided to go and see if he could play the song on the radio station from what I believe is Japan. DJ Shiba was in Korea during 2010, and there’s an old Korean radio station, called Kpop, that’s a Korean pop station. We had been in contact with them for a year-and-a-half, and we were like, “Yeah, maybe he can play this.” We were like, “Yeah, we’ll give it a shot.” Then, he called me, and we talked about it, and we decided that we’d meet up. We ended up going to Japan and doing it.

What were you thinking when you first signed Kaskus?

Well, there’s actually two parts to it. I think first of all, he’s a good person. He always wants to give back, he’s always out there trying to

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What is MC in rap? – How To Learn Rap God Slow Parties On The Move
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