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Korean pop music in general, and K-Pop in particular, is called “Gangnam Style.” These are the videos that you see in all your public schools, malls, malls, etc – the popular music from the 1990s in the U.S.

Some are called “K-Pop,” but they are really just an extension of Gangnam Style. The songs are so catchy, and catchy, and fun! The music is almost always written by K-Pop stars: Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, etc.

Did you learn how Gangnam Style got the name?

Well, we actually did learn some things about the history of pop music: Gangnam was originally called “Gangnam” or “Gangnam Style,” but it was eventually changed to “Gangnam”. This name was first used in Korea in the 1950s (the year of the movie Gangnam Style, right?), and I think it was probably done out of respect. After that, the names were often just changed. I think some Korean girls thought the name was too aggressive for their school, so they changed it, and they became known as “Gangnam Style.” And it made perfect sense.

The songs are almost always sung by K-Pop artists, but then they get edited by people who use a different style. So when they get edited, Gangnam is left intact. That’s about all I can do for myself.

Are you aware of the other, unrelated sub-categories of music in Korea?

For example, in Korea, it’s a big deal if a girl on TV sings a song.

Is that normal?

No, it’s actually quite rare. If you do it often enough, you get the recognition, so it is quite unusual. In fact, I wouldn’t even be surprised if you saw an extra part of the TV show where a group was doing a cover of an old Korean song.

How about when you see other celebrities do cover songs, like Beyonce doing a cover of Yoh, or an old Korean song by Kim Jong-un. What’s that about?

Well, I guess it would be better for an old Korean song, wouldn’t it? However, if you wanted to do a cover of a popular song, you’d want to make the cover of a song that is in full swing in Korea.

You just did this interview and that song was in full swing.

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What is Korean rap called? – Rock N Learn Dinosaur Rap Youtube Channel
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