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Why do they always do things wrong, wrong, wrong? Rap is so hard to understand, you have to look at it from four angles.

“Bar” is the main form of rap that has been in use for a long time now and it’s one of these things that doesn’t have one specific meaning. A lot of people have different explanations to share on how the word originated as a part of rap, but that doesn’t change the fact that all those reasons only give you one perspective. One of the best rap groups the word originated in has been Wu-Tang Clan as they used their own definition of the word in their song “Get Low”, which I highly suggest listening to if you missed it.

“Bar” has become just another word which refers to a certain type of activity that doesn’t really belong in the rap world, a concept that has also been mentioned by Nas and Jay-Z, they have both said exactly the same thing.

What do bars mean in rap?

There are many different kinds of bars, but their main purpose is to separate a beat or a beat pattern. This is basically what differentiates them from a regular rapping word. Rapper have to know how to use it properly before they can truly enjoy the act of rapping.

Many rappers don’t really look at it as a process, but as a method of expression. Some people say that bars are like raps, but with more time and practice. It’s hard to explain just how the act of making raps differs from making bars.

Some rapping styles rely on the simplicity of bars, while others rely on the complexity. A lot depends on the situation and the person who is rapping, to create a smooth rapping performance for their audience. To make a rhyme, one must understand the rhythm of the beat and also be very comfortable rapping as soon as they have the chance. Even though there is a lack of technical skill for those who do it right, it makes up for it using a technique of mixing between rips of their songs with short bar phrases.
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One of the common mistakes rappers make is to use the word too much. This way they miss the point of a song and they often end up sounding repetitive. This is the reason why rippers tend to over-use the word. While most rippers use it to describe the process rather than what they have just started, the word itself is almost more useful and easy to grasp, rather

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What do bars mean in rap? – Rapping Online
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