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There are about 4,000 different rap tracks, but there are about 500 basic rap bars that can be composed. This guide explains some of the most common 16 bars. Each of the 4,000 main rap tracks has at least one basic rap segment.

The 17 second mark. This is the first of the main rap segments in most hip-hop lyrics. Most of the 17-second mark are used in the verses, as in “I was getting high when I wrote these lyrics, they were very hard on me, my friends laughed and my mom cried” in the above example.

The 19th mark. It’s the 19th rap bar in this song – that’s about all that exists at this point in the verse, but at least there’s a verse left. There are some other songs with 19-markes.

The 20th mark. It is not the 20th bar in this song. In all rap, 19-second marks are used in the most basic rap (basically the only ones you’ll hear in a rap).

The 21st mark. This is the 21st rap bar in this song. You’ll never hear another rapper use a 21-bar rhyme before Eminem’s use of this word.

The 21st mark + the 26th mark = 29 second bar of Eminem. That is more than 1/10th of the Eminem verse.

There are at least 50,000 basic rap bars with the phrase “I was getting high when I wrote these lyrics.” In reality, they only represent a small percentage of all basic rap.

These are really the only basic and most common 17-bar bars in rap. While “the most common basic rap” exists in a couple of other songs, no other basic rap bar is that many more than the 17 second mark of Eminem. (Note: You may have heard the saying “one bad line in 50 bars” (aka “you need at least 50 bars to put a sentence together”) but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the 17 second mark is the most common in every song! It doesn’t even mean that the 17 second mark is the number 1 most common!)

1. The 27th mark. The song is so heavy that it was originally written with only 3 bars of verse for Eminem to show the full effect of his rapping. In later songs, he changed this to 6 bars to show his full effect.

2. The 23rd mark and above. These are

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What are 16 bars in rap? – Wanna Learn Rap God Rapping Lyrics Generator
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