How do beginners learn to rap? – How To Learn Rap God Slow Particles Of A Solid

We have had hundreds of people come through the studio as beginners and have been able to help them to develop their own styles with our extensive library of classic, contemporary and unreleased music which we sell in bundles of two or five albums.

You might not necessarily choose to start out by rapping – if you do we will certainly recommend a few tracks to you, whether you’re more interested in the technical skills or just a bit more pop.

How will I learn?

The approach is different from conventional methods of learning online – we make it really easy and you don’t need to be an expert to get the music.
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You can start simply – by picking up one or two songs and recording some lines. Then add a few more as you get to know each other and pick your favourites from your library.

To get a real sense of how we teach we’ll be running three week long boot camps – this will take place over summer 2017, the Autumn and Winter. You’ll be learning from the best instructors worldwide while enjoying a variety of entertainment and hands-on competitions. If you’re in the US or just prefer not to fly to the studio, we’ll also have an audio-visual course available, although we’re not yet sure on the details as this is part of the boot camp.

Do I need to be an expert to perform?


What’s the score of my rap demo? (For the first track the total is 5 minutes – if the number is larger please let us know)

If the first track is from the library it’s 5 minutes. If you can complete 5 minutes it’s a 100% score. If you can’t, for obvious reasons, we do this every week and you can do it the next. In general the average is 90% and you need to have a good mix of style to get a 100% score.

Which equipment/software can I use to make demos?

You will be using any of the available digital and analogue production programs on our site – the main feature used is our Virtual Drum Machine and the sampler is our Virtual Instruments. If you do have a PC and a sound card that can record via a USB connection we have a host of great plugins like Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Virtual Drum Machine, iZotope Ozone, Reaper and a number of other software-based apps.

Do you cover a lot of different styles?

We do cover

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How do beginners learn to rap? – How To Learn Rap God Slow Particles Of A Solid
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