Can you talk to Siri? – At What Level Does Starmie Learn Rapid Spin Users Quotes

— you would have noticed it is in your home, so I would have done so too, if it is not there. Yes, Google Assistant is now available on iPhone 6s — no surprise here. Just like on Android phones, if you ask what’s the weather, Siri will provide you a weather report to give you a heads up. There was actually an error message on my iPhone 6s as soon as I checked for it, but in the end, I simply opened the weather app, as I’m used to on my Android phones.

A reminder, Siri on iPhone 6s still comes with an older version of Google Now. It will not come up on iPad or iPad mini as of now.

Another great thing Siri brings on iPhone 6s is the ability to add music and video to the current conversation:

In contrast, Siri had a hard time translating video to Chinese and English (even with the help of Google Translate). But it worked great on English. My wife recently had a conversation with Siri and we are able to watch it on Facebook. The quality of the video recording is not great and Siri needs to get better.

A new option in Siri is to have the camera zoomed in by half a degree as the conversation is happening in order to get more information on what the other person is saying.

Siri is now available on iPad — here’s a close-up of a screen capture of it on a computer.

In the past, Siri wouldn’t even connect to my Mac and then connect to my iPad, it would disconnect.

I used Siri for the first time on iPad in July. I got up to take something out of my bag, and I used Siri to ask Siri how to get back to my bag. Siri responded to my question as quickly as I could, but then I was forced to hit my own Home key. That’s no more. Instead, I have my computer and my iPad connected on a wire (because the iPad never worked properly with Apple’s wired Apple Remote).

That’s why I’m glad that the ability to connect to my computer is now available on the iPad.

I will not forget about the ability of Siri to ask me some interesting questions while I was in an Uber:

On Android devices:

I’ll be honest, as more of you are using the Google Assistant, it looks very similar to Siri (not that either of those exist in their respective languages), but it works differently.

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Can you talk to Siri? – At What Level Does Starmie Learn Rapid Spin Users Quotes
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