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Possibly the single most important reason to look into a local non-profit is not the number of dollars they are willing or able to give, but rather the quality of the grants they are able to provide. The GrantMe! program, for example, rewards organizations with a $50 credit towards a new project, or a $100 coupon for a purchase. That doesn’t necessarily mean all non-profits that apply will have a program in place, but it does mean that the organizations will have to make an effort to find a local organization that can do their grantmaking process with them, rather than being asked and forced to do so by the grant agencies themselves.

Other non-profits may only be able to do some of what GrantMe!’s program offers because the grant agency will not provide an appropriate credit or coupon for your organization, even though they may have done it for the purpose of soliciting a grant from someone else.

Other non-solutions

There are many other options that non-profits can take for both non-profits and businesses, all of which are valuable to the entire community:

Civic service and education: Non-profits can also seek opportunities for civic engagement, including volunteer activities, to make sure the overall culture and atmosphere of the community improves. The National Council on Volunteerism suggests that:
Verizon Gives $10K Grants to Hundreds of Minority Small Businesses

Non profit organizations can:

Use their resources to improve community building and education in their communities.

Be able to help educate the community about the important role that volunteering has in a healthy life and help people understand a healthy role for volunteerism.

Promote awareness and participation in non-profits and civic service.

Use their organization’s staff to provide information and access to public resources to the people in those communities.

Organized community support: Non-profit organizations can also have their own support committees, to bring together members of their community to come together in a manner that provides a sense of support, for example. The GrantMe! program allows the organization or group to set the minimum requirements for being a part of GrantMe! and then has the grant funds used to help fulfill those goals.

How should non-profits look into grantees?

One of the most important thing to determine before making an application and starting a conversation with anyone is what kind of grant you want to accept.

A non-profit seeking money for a project is most likely looking for funds for a specific project, and that project should be important

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What kind of grants are there? – Real Government Grants
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