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HHS is creating a new website where all of the documents about the new health insurance mandate will be posted. There will also be a separate website where DHHS will post “disease-specific public health information,” according to the press release.

This is a new website being created specifically to help you understand the new health care law and how your health insurance policy impacts it. —HHS Press Release, September 21, 2011

In the original release, CMS and HHS said they will have an “enhanced outreach and information-sharing program to include individuals who do not qualify for assistance with obtaining private coverage through Health Insurance Marketplace. It will include information related to pre-existing condition exclusion and the financial penalties for individuals who do not pay the fines linked to not purchasing an insurance product with certain standards when they are younger than 19. In addition, our new website will include health insurance information with which individuals may obtain information about the Marketplace and coverage options.”

Is it voluntary for businesses to participate in the health insurance mandate in order to prevent people from being underinsured?

No, HHS is not forcing businesses to participate in a health insurance mandate, although many do want to take a stand against it.

While some might claim that businesses are required by law to obtain coverage for workers, HHS’ Office of Personnel Management said during a House Oversight and Government Reform hearing:

HHS does not regulate insurance in these situations. All HHS agencies regulate insurance, including the Office of Personnel Management. The Affordable Care Act does not regulate insurance in a policyholder’s life, or insurance within the life of the individual.

Businesses are still free to choose their approach to helping the uninsured obtain coverage.

Who should get information if they are denied insurance and who should get the refund?

To learn more about the health care law, see the following resources:

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What is the new DHHS program? – Us Government Grants For Senior Citizens
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