What is the Government Green Grant Program? – Government Grants For Covid 19 Businesses

The Government Green Grant Program provides up to $10 million annually to support small business and community-based development projects in Australia.

The fund is targeted towards businesses with up to 25 employees and community organisations with at least 50 workers who would use the funds for local-focused projects to benefit their communities.

Is this a new funding source?

No, it is the same fund that was used to support Indigenous funding through the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing Reinvestment Fund.

The Federal Government has taken another step toward the development of a national Indigenous funding scheme for the first time, with the Government Green Grant Scheme.

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The programme was launched in 2008 with a target to reach up to 30 projects in the first year.

Since then, the fund has supported more than 6000 projects in 31 states and territories.

The programme now has three major components:

Projects under consideration may be eligible to receive funding over two fiscal years, with some grants over five years

Applications are received by the government through a competitive process, with proposals assessed and vetted by the Australian Development Modelling Authority.

The results of all applications are assessed by two senior Government bureaucrats and the Government has final approval of projects based on criteria such as project quality, community benefits of the project, and potential economic and social outcomes to be achieved.

How does the government fund projects?

Funding is made available through the grant application process.

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What is the Government Green Grant Program? – Government Grants For Covid 19 Businesses
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