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It is a financial gift that you give to the government, or the provider for the government, to help fund the delivery of a service you are entitled to receive. In Australia, one of the ways you can give a service grant is to purchase a service using the government’s online booking portal, a feature commonly found on most Government and commercial websites.

The payment process for a service grant is as simple as you would expect. You will submit an online form, and you will be asked whether you are happy with what your government is offering you. If you accept the offer you need to wait for a decision on your funding request.

How do I apply for a service grant?

If you are interested in requesting a grant for services you are entitled to receive through the Health Service Agency of National Significance, you will contact the service grant provider using the below contact number:

Health Services Agency (HSA)

1800 727 091

Please note that you will be contacted by telephone to confirm the number being used to receive callers and to confirm the information you have supplied for the application process.

If you are applying for a grant for services that are not directly provided through the HSA or are only for a short period of time, then please also refer to the HSA website for some additional information.

For more information on your entitlement under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MS) and how this entitlements may be transferred to the Health Services Payment, please refer to Medicare Benefits Schedule (MS)

Please note: this will only apply to the service grant service that you are currently using

What are my choices?

If you are interested in obtaining a grant for services that you are not entitled to receive through the HSA, you can also use the website above to seek funding for services (including medical), and the application process could take up to 24 hours.

If you wish to seek funded services through the Australian Government, the Department of Human Services (DHS), please complete and submit the application form and select ‘Australian Government’ under ‘Services’. When you select ‘Services’ as the type of service you wish to request, you will be presented with other applications that can be used to seek funded services.

Please note: the Australian Government will not allocate funding to individuals in relation to any services that they may or may not have undertaken, including services that are not covered under the HSA or Medicare Benefits Schedule (including services covered under other

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What is a service grant? – Free Government Grants For Women Small Business Owners
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