What is a gradient grant? – Government College Grants For Women

Gradient grants are a special program offered to graduate students in the undergraduate arts, science and humanities. This award is offered under the same criteria and criteria as graduate assistantships and fellowships in the departments of the arts, science and humanities.

As a grad student, your adviser selects the best of approximately 20% of applicants to the Graduate Division Graduate Fellowship Program. Grad students are also awarded two graduate fellowships. If you are invited to submit your application, please ensure you complete the Fellowship Application and Graduate Fellowship Application Form (in MS Word Format).

Once an application is submitted, you will receive an acceptance recommendation from your adviser and/or committee, which provides a detailed description of your academic record and research potential. The committee also provides information about any specific research questions you have, including your personal research interests and what other programs and types of research you are interested in doing. The acceptance recommendation and any additional information you provide during the application process are confidential and will not be made available to the Committee, but they may be forwarded to your faculty adviser.

Graduate Research Fellowships are created on a year-round basis by the Graduate Division, which awards them for the first five or six years of doctoral studies. During the first three years of PhD studies, your adviser and graduate program will select five or six students each for graduate fellowships, depending on its need and the number of candidates. In the fourth year of PhD studies, you will be invited to join the graduate fellowship program with an additional three or four nominees from undergraduate students within your department.

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What is a gradient grant? – Government College Grants For Women
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