What is a direct grant? – Government Grants For Home Repairs

A direct grant is a fixed amount of money given to the charity directly.

Example: Give the Charity “10$ to work directly with women and promote equal participation at all levels of government”. A direct grant can include funding from the Government, a Community Foundation of Australia or a private individual, in addition to the funds of the charity.

How much can I fund?

There are different kinds of direct grants you can contribute to. You are only required to be in receipt of a direct grant at the time you contribute. All the funding must be for the charity you are supporting and be for a total cost that does not exceed the cost of running the charity.

Example: If you are not a current donor, you cannot contribute to a direct grant without being a current donor. Otherwise, you are not permitted to contribute a direct grant for an amount that does not exceed the cost of your current annual donation.

What if the charity provides the grant?

There are three kinds of charity grants – direct grants, special projects and gifts.

The charity may decide to grant you money by offering you a project to do. This usually happens under the auspices of the charity and you must agree to perform the project.

The charity may decide to directly give you money through the organisation it supports, or through a gift. This may be because the charity receives money from an industry or other organisation.

Who can I ask to know about my grant?

There are four common circumstances that allow a donor to ask about the grant:

You have provided your name and address (you’ve left your bank account with MoneyLife Australia, etc.);

You are the person who has authorised the money to be available for use in support of the project or work;
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You are the actual recipient of a direct grant; and/or

You are the recipient of a direct grant from a related charity.

What happens if I get a direct grant?

As long as you are a current donor and intend to support a current cause, a grant can be made. You can get a direct grant from any organisation you are supportive of and no matter what the source.

If the application is based on a direct grant, you are not entitled to have the money withdrawn from your bank account. The bank will not be compensated for the disallowed disbursement.

You must be aware of all the circumstances involved in applying for a grant from a

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What is a direct grant? – Government Grants For Home Repairs
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