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The first type is known as ‘Community Grant’. If you have a household income of less than £60,000 a year and have lived in England for at least 3 years your local authority can grant you a Community Grant. This is normally £250 a year. You don’t have to live in your local area.

How long does it take to receive your Community Grant?

Once it has been approved by the local authority your grant will typically start working from the date at which your local authority has received information from you and your local authority, to the date it is fully funded.

How may I apply for a Community Grant?

As soon as you are approved you should fill out an application form that you have received from your local authority. You don’t need to fill that out yourself, but you may need to have someone with you when you apply and have the form ready for you when you arrive at the local authority.
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When do the grants start working?

If your local authority has received information from you and from your local authority, it will have a set of eligibility criteria based on your income, living and other requirements. The eligibility criteria vary between local authorities.

If you’re eligible to get the grant from your local authority, your grant will begin working as soon as it is approved. You’ll receive the award within 72 hours, and the grant will be paid to you within 8 weeks from the date that you received the award (unless it’s a short-term grant).

However, if the grant has been approved by the local authority, then it must start working as soon as it’s fully funded by the local authority. That’s generally 3 or 4 weeks from the date the grant has been fully funded.

There are different types of fund(s), which can make it a lot easier for the local authority and you to decide what is appropriate for you. It can also reduce the amount of administrative costs that can be associated with applications from very small household incomes.

The local authorities that use grants to make grants for housing benefit are the following:

East Midlands











Inland Revenue

Northern Ireland

South East England

South West England

Southern England

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What are the 2 types of grant in aid? – Reinvent Grants Management
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