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A discretionary grant is a grant to a non-profit for the specific purpose of providing services that are in the public interest to other groups, institutions, and communities. These grants are generally granted subject to the conditions listed below. The organization will provide one copy of the contract to every person who applies for the grant.

The funds from discretionary grants must only be used for the specific purpose specified in the contract. To assist in deciding the appropriateness of the specific purpose, the grant must meet the following criteria:

The grant cannot be used to provide a benefit other than the grantee’s own services

The grantee must be an organization that has not previously received the grant

The project must be of an equal or greater benefit than services provided by the grantee which cannot be provided by the charity itself.

The grantee can receive only 1 discretionary grant per year, for a total of 4.4% of the organization’s annual general fund.

How do I get started?

In order to apply for a discretionary grant it will be best if you read the information carefully in the application instructions. If you want to apply for a public service grant for a specific project please send us an email with detailed description and a brief overview of the project(s) you would like grant for, as well as the following details:

Your name, address, telephone number, mailing address, and email

A short description of the project(s) which you would like to apply to

Please don’t send us a proposal that you haven’t completed until the deadline for application or we will not hear about your application.

If a proposal has been submitted, it is helpful to include the name of the project as well as the name of the individual who submitted the proposal to us. This information will help us make a decision about the grant application in our own review process. Please note: if the applicant is on call during the week, the deadline for grant application submission might be extended.

Please email applications to:

Determinants Grants

1210 North State Street

Austin, TX 78701

Questions? Contact us online at:


Call 512-974-9000, ext. 1161 or Toll Free in the US 1-855-974-8973 for more information.


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What are discretionary grants? – Government Grants For Women Starting A Business
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