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I have been asked this question a couple times but I haven’t done a study on the subject. There does seem to be a great deal of confusion about what it means to have a boiler.

For starters, it can be both a gas and a liquid burner depending on the application. A gas burner is an extension of the normal gas burning stove. Liquid water boilers make an interesting but not completely practical application.

Why boil water when you can boil wood pellets?

I understand the need to be more efficient with what we have available as an energy source. However, I don’t think that using boil water to boil wood will really reduce the energy of any of the other heating techniques that I know of, or even burn wood at a higher temperature.

We are all familiar with the concept of steam or fire as an energy source. The point is that we need something to bring us food at a lower temperature. It’s just that if we use steam or fire to achieve this we are not really using something different from the traditional process which will produce food as much as we need to.

You might be familiar with something in the same way that the steam or fire from a fire or stove has to be fed to the burners where it will be turned into steam for steam boiler fuel. But there is no reason to think we must be feeding the heat of a stove into the fire or fire into us. If we were to use a burner like a hot plate or a fire, we know that the fire will burn the food and provide a heat source when we are not on fire.

You really are using very high heat in those kinds of methods even though it will only produce a few grams of food. The other heat source will be used to boil water.

You will probably see more cooking with a gas burner as an option than you have with other methods for heating food. Because water is usually boiling and you will cook your food with it. (Just not with the stove itself or with the burner.) But most of the time you will just let the hot water run out and your kitchen will be nice and cool for an hour or more at least.

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Is there a grant for a new boiler? – Federal Government Grants Solutions Fssb
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