How long is a grant proposal? – Non Government Business Grants

The standard grant proposal (or application) is just the text of the proposal that will be submitted to NIHR in November 2017.

The application form, which should be submitted online, will allow us to determine what you need help with, how you will approach the project, and whether or not it is in the public interest to award the project.

Do I need to submit the application before starting the project?

You can do anything right before starting work: start a paper, write a letter of intent, submit applications to various groups and government agencies, write to your MPs, etc.

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Where does the project go?

The project starts with planning and discussion around a specific area of the study, before moving to the development stages (this includes the planning and research phases).

The NIHR grant funds a range of activities, including research grants, which can range from 10,000 (£500) to 50,000 (£1,200) depending on scope and time and subject. Specific projects may be funded by other departments and charities.

What will I do in NIHR research?

You will develop and evaluate new concepts, investigate or measure their potential, develop applications for or apply for grants and undertake research into a particular area. The work will be independent of your day-to-day work.

What will I do on these projects?

You will conduct your own scientific projects and your work will be submitted to NIHR, your peers and other groups and institutions of interest in your field, as determined by a shortlist of shortlisted projects published each year (see below).

This shortlist is based on a systematic process whereby NIHR’s members consider applications for the public sector research grant programmes, and, if successful, they may then propose grants for NIHR.

How long will someone undertake a project under a research grant programme?

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How long is a grant proposal? – Non Government Business Grants
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