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As usual, please email us your story, details of how you want to use that money (for use not specified elsewhere in the grant proposal), and you may be asked at any point of our discussions to give evidence of the extent to which you used the funds (your data, results from studies of your group, etc.). We are very happy for you to publish your study in a peer-reviewed journal or in something of the kind. We ask that you cite only our paper, however. Please don’t use the figures, diagrams, and tables provided on the paper’s web page (

Will a researcher get a grant?

We will ask for three types of grant awards:

An early-grant (i.e., before the first application for the funding programme)

An accelerated-grant (after the second application)

An advanced-grant (after the third application)

All grants require publication. We will be happy to discuss alternative methods of publication with you (as well as the costs involved and the possible risks to the researcher if they choose not to publish).

What will it be paid for?

In the UK, the grant funding is paid for entirely by Research Councils (RC), and there are usually two stages in the overall funding cycle:

In-kind: it costs the researcher to carry out the work, either in-country or on site. The costs are normally less than that required by a conventional grant; for example, the standard amount per year for a research project or a grant proposal is often £100 or £200, depending on the work and the funding scheme. There are often additional costs associated with transporting, transporting equipment, and transporting personnel, which are all things which are more or less automatically incurred when you are doing the work on the site or in the field. These often include air freight (for example, to carry a research group around the field for a three-week expedition), or travel to and from the research sites (to carry the equipment and personnel, etc.), food costs, and costs incurred from renting out offices, etc.

It may cost around £1,500-£2,500 total to cover in-country infrastructure, equipment, and other costs which are not covered by a conventional grant (this includes any transport costs for equipment

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How do I write a grant? – Federal Government Grants Solutions Armor
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