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In most situations, you can’t buy or sell a ticket. When you buy a ticket from a vendor, they make a small commission on purchases of tickets. They are not allowed to sell you tickets, sell them to you, or be involved in an onsite reselling situation. In order to have a valid ticket, you have to pay for your ticket and the fee for making a payment. The fees vary widely, depending on where you’re going. Most cities have minimum ticket sales fees with a few cities charging a maximum price for a ticket.

Is the venue closed for the event?

It depends. Sometimes the venue is closed but is still allowed to sell tickets on their website. Usually, venues have restrictions on how long they allow on-site sales. Usually, they are in between 3 and 4 hours.

I just wanted to take a look around! I am only 3 hours out, can this event be in my area?

Check your venue’s policies at, or make an emergency visit to your local ticketing agency.

Do I have to have some sort of photo ID to purchase a ticket?

No, you do not need to have photo ID to purchase a ticket, just make sure the name on the order is correct. Make sure the ticket is valid prior to purchasing.

Do I have to bring identification from my home location to the event?

If your plan is to bring your own event to your locale (i.e. a friend’s birthday party), they may be able to help you pick up a ticket and the appropriate identification. If you intend to use event tix from your home location, be sure you read the event registration policies if you plan to use them.

If I buy/use a ticket, can I use it in the future?

Tickets purchased online are final. Event sellers may ask that you cancel or reschedule a purchase with the following restrictions.

Purchased tickets cannot be used in any future events that the purchaser has been listed as a venue, such as a special function, charity event or group. You may only reschedule your order with the event selling ticket service provider if you have provided the event seller with proof of your identity and the name of your event.

A purchased ticket is valid for 1 ticket only from the moment that the ticket is purchased through the EventBrite website. Tickets purchased from vendors/stores must be used

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How can I get money if I don’t pay back? – Government Grants For Disability
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