Do grants cost money? – Federal Grants For Covid 19

Of course you can do that! It’s very important.

If you need more than the cost of your own supplies and materials, you can donate them as donations, or rent them out. If an organization is interested in doing this, they must register and pay the processing fee.

What kinds of projects should I be involved with?

Any project that takes the most volunteers and the longest amount of time is a good idea. The goal is to have a team of at least five people working on it.

If possible, it’s best not to work on the project alone. You’ll need everyone’s help!

Any project that takes the least amount of time and effort is a good idea.

What type of equipment do people need?

Anyone can contribute to the project. We ask that you keep your supplies for yourself or to sell afterwards, unless you’re giving back to the community as well.


Pump or water sprayer



Plastic bags


Plastic piping




Duct tape



Washing detergent


What color/pattern should I use?

We strongly discourage anything that is too colorful or patterns not appropriate for the project itself.

How can I help out?

You can find information about volunteer opportunities on the Volunteers for the Arts site.

What can I do more?

We are always looking for ways to help out, and have a number of ways of doing so.

You can make a difference in one area, or in the lives of lots of other people.

You can help us build art. We need your support!

You can help us keep the lights on.

You can help us create art for the public. This can include painting, sculpting, painting over stained glass, or creating murals. You can also help us put on arts and crafts to make sure everyone has a chance to take part in the project.

You can start your own event!

How can I donate?

You can donate here, or contact us directly for details.

Why do we need your donations?

We need volunteers to take care of the art that we create.

You want to help us

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Do grants cost money? – Federal Grants For Covid 19
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