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No. I can’t believe she said no. And I am disappointed she’s not a bit more positive about her role. I think it could work, but to be honest I don’t think it’s very likely a lot of people will be out there waiting for that.

You were going to tell me about the thing you did about the ‘badge of honour’, about how you were going to bring it back, but then you changed your mind.

That was an actual experience which I went through. I worked in the social housing system as an advisor, and someone asked me if I had given the ‘badge of honour’ to another woman who had moved on. And I said, ‘Yes, yes, yes’. I went to a social services officer and I said, ‘Now, do you have a badge of honour?’ and she said ‘Oh, of course I do’. And that was my badge of honour! It’s in the National Museum. I’m honoured to have that, and there’s a photograph of me with that badge of honour hanging in the National Museum. So that was a real thing. I wouldn’t advise anybody to think about it. It was just a bit of a moment where I got over my shock and I thought, well, why not take that chance to go into the public service again? What other possible thing can you do that would be a little less awkward than a badge of honour?

I remember your being interviewed for Channel 4 News in 1997. How did that event go?

Oh, a lot better than what I thought it would.

You can’t watch TV, can you?

Well, you’re on the phone and everything you watch, you have to be doing that. I found it very useful. What you can’t read is just stuff I say to myself and things I say to you. But it was brilliant.

What was the reaction to that interview, and how did you manage to keep a straight face all the time?

I just went on making funny noises all day, but there were times when it was really hard to keep a straight face. But at the end, I just thought, I’m happy to do this. I’m not going to give up because I was laughing so much that I couldn’t hear myself say anything any more.

Was the interview made by somebody working for Channel 4?

Yeah! It was actually the BBC who rang. It was a guy called

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Can you get a free boiler on universal credit? – Grant Organizations
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