What are the most common types of grants? – Government Funding For Small Business Coronavirus Plans

When it comes to grants, the following groups make up the vast majority of grants that the IRS approves. Civic Clubs (including 501(c)3s and 501(c)(6)s) Nonprofit foundations Public charities Private foundations Private groups Unincorporated non-profits that do not have an active (registered) status with the IRS are often awarded grants by local, state and/or federal […]

What is the new DHHS program? – Sa Government Covid 19 Small Business Grants

The new program seeks to improve and strengthen the programs that exist to prevent children’s access to tobacco products. Specifically, DHHS is asking federal and state health officials to: Ensure access to tobacco products is safe, effective, and not addicting. (DHHS requires states to develop and implement plans to provide an effective solution by Oct. […]

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