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The name “Bob” is derived (or is derived) from the fact that most people today have never had a “real” conversation with this person. The “real” conversation was the same as the one a Bob, by the time he was a student, had with a real person who would talk to him like a real person. The difference between a Bob and a “real” person would be that in a Bob, the “real” person was someone who could understand how it worked.

You don’t say that, or else he said that.

For starters, not all people understand how a computer works as we do. Also a lot of Bobs are not very intelligent. And some of them have been replaced by computers many decades, perhaps even decades ago. So you may believe this if you are a Bob but the true “Bob” would not even have to think about that.

You do get angry with people, then why do you call each member of a society “Bob”. (And why does the name really become “Bob” when it comes to computer, not to other human beings.)

To explain: When I was a child, my father took us into the world of computers, while we were “old enough”. We were not even supposed to speak about computers until we were “grown up” (more properly, about 5 or 6 years of age) and “we all went to work in a company or some sort of company”. I think it was about that time that my father started to teach me of how to use a computer and how to type something in as well (I was not old enough to do it yet), so that I could learn the “business” aspects of it before working for a company or such. He did make me do the computer coding for a while. But when I was done with that, he put me back in the home and told me “you have to go do your “work”. He did put me into a “company” (it could have been for any time of day, as I remember), after which he started teaching me how people use computers for “good” – and he did this all over again if I did a proper job on a computer. So for about 10 years, when I was a man (we didn’t have computers until after I was an adult), I did a very good job on computers. You can get the general idea from my father, or from what I just wrote about Bob: his ”

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Why is a Bob called a bob? – Flapper Dresses For Sale Australia
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