Why are the 1920s called the Roaring Twenties? – 1920S Flapper Dress Costume

In most of our modern textbooks, the 1920s start with World War I, though at least some readers will have been born before that, in one of the many countries on the Continent. However, this time frame also happens to align with other European and American conflicts, as well as the beginning of World War II and the Korean War. So, how did the year 1930 get stuck in this roving time frame?

There were five major reasons:

First, by 1931, there was no clear sense of a common sense internationalist stance for the United States and her Eastern European allies. The country had lost the Western Front and the war could hardly be won at the moment. In the United States of America, as in many other countries, the term national pride had entered the language, but it only expressed the strong national feeling that existed in the United States itself. There wasn’t a common sense approach on many issues between the new federal government and the private interests, from international issues like trade, to national security, to the rights of minorities, to immigration, to environmental issues and to the rights of the working population. But the fact that the country had an extremely strong nationhood movement that existed in many small, progressive movements throughout the country and around the world certainly didn’t sit well with both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. In America, nationalism meant what it meant to the United States: not necessarily what it meant to the other countries around the world and vice versa. If the country didn’t get ahead economically with the country’s domestic market and economy, and if the economy started to struggle and slow down, it meant that the country hadn’t actually advanced in global or international affairs, or was making an error of judgement in the way it was doing things.

And here is where the country, and by extension, a lot of people in America and other countries in the world, would get into trouble. With one of the greatest wealth transfers in history, the world economy was suddenly in a mess. The U.S. was now the largest buyer and exporter of foreign goods and services: with the world economy at war, the country couldn’t help but be involved in the war, in fact to the point where America was actually at war with Russia. The US government was being involved in the Middle East and it was no longer possible to keep the peace through political diplomacy, but by and large, the international community couldn’t help but be involved in the conflict. And as countries continued to lose territory, so too

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Why are the 1920s called the Roaring Twenties? – 1920S Flapper Dress Costume
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