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(i.e. What was the look like on the streets of NYC back in the early 1950s?)

Flapper’s look was a mixture of the best of fashion, and the best of street culture, from the look of a sailor in a sailor’s suit, to the way they walked and spoke, to the fact that the women wore a single wide-legged coat to the show. The women were mostly from immigrant and refugee backgrounds, who were trying to show the world that they could go from the lower classes in the city, to the upper class in the suburbs. It’s an old-school approach — it reflects their lives and experiences.
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How did the flappers style make them different from the mainstream culture? How did the fact that flappers were white, fit in with the image that they were trying to portray?

Women had a lot to do with their styles. Flapper style was rooted in the street, so it has a lot to do with the kind of women that flappers loved. The women were not necessarily very fashion-forward — they loved to wear their tight dresses down to their navels, but they didn’t look too sexy. The people who were dressed up were usually on the upper and lower classes, so they were not wearing the clothes that the regular upper class people were wearing. In the early days, flapper style was all about the street — not just the street but the streets of the city. The women wore a lot of different clothes, too, although they did have a lot of influence from the fashion world. The best examples are Queenie, who was a very famous fashion designer, and Mariah Carey, who was also a very famous fashion designer. The other women that were particularly influential were Vivienne Westwood and Vivienne Westwood’s cousin, who was known as Vivienne Westwood and Marlon Brando.

If I were to summarize a couple of the ideas that are in this book, which one would you say shaped what a flapper would be as a young woman?

One way it would have shaped the styles that they went for are in how women looked up to one another and the way that they acted in the streets. One is with an interest in fashion and style and looks up to one’s counterparts, like Vivienne Westwood’s sister. Other women might have the opposite idea about how they viewed their peers, but they’d still have the same look.

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What kind of coats did flappers wear? – High End Flapper Dresses
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