What did the flapper girl represent? – Red Flapper Costume

I didn’t know there was a name for her, nor did I know to call ’em that. It didn’t matter, it just had to be something. So if someone would put on their flapper girl dress or short skirt and go to a dance I’d get excited. All I did know was to say yes. So if you asked about her, I know you could answer yes.

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Was your mom a flapper girl? If so, how did she feel about you?

Oh my gosh, mom was so sweet and loving. She’d dress me up in this lovely dress and I’d take off all my clothes and come dance with her. I was so sweet with her and loved her. I remember when I wasn’t there I went to her place with her, so that was a little weird, I’ve never seen her before. We danced a little, she gave me a ride to and from her place in Hollywood. I think she knew it would be a little bit special for me because she was always happy to meet people, especially when I came out to Los Angeles for my movie audition. I was very nervous, it was all I could think about was dancing.

Where’d you live before?

I had a little bedroom in my house in Hollywood, just one bed, which looked tiny compared to the rest of my family. I lived at the corner of Fairfax Road and Washington Blvd. Then I moved to a little house where there was a big yard, and just a little courtyard. I don’t know if it was Hollywood, it was probably somewhere in West Hollywood. But then I moved across the street to my own apartment. My mom was a nurse, but she moved back to Hollywood right after I moved to Los Angeles. She had a baby she was caring for, so she took me in to get some help. I was the second one in this tiny little family, but she was really busy. She would come to us from out of town.

Did your mom ever tell you she was a flapper (or even let you name her)?

I think she did. I was always a little confused by it, I didn’t even realize there was a name for it. Maybe my dad might have said one or two little phrases to me, but I didn’t even know anything about it. The most I knew of were when my mom said to me “You look like a flapper girl, and the girls say I’m prettier than

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What did the flapper girl represent? – Red Flapper Costume
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