What colors were popular in the 1980’s? – Flapper Dress 1920S

Red, with an increasing number of black and brown belts; red and blue, which were mostly used for demonstration and training purposes; and red, purple and green, which were usually for promotion.

How did you get started as a judge?
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It was when I was 14-years-old, when I started attending judo academies and attending tournaments. For the first couple of years it wasn’t difficult to get involved. After some time, I made my decision to join the judo program because I loved it. After that I was a member of the judo club, and after a year or two, I was going to the U-17 World Championships in 1984. That was a long time ago now, and I am still very involved in judo.

Cops in San Antonio are reportedly still trying to determine if former presidential hopeful George W. Bush was carrying two firearms when he was shot Sunday.

According to KTBC, officers are trying to figure out whether Bush was carrying a handgun and a firearm when he reportedly shot himself in the left shoulder during a charity event outside Houston.


The shooting reportedly happened just moments before Bush is seen in the clip standing near a pool of blood at the end of his speech. As KTBC reports, some onlookers believe the former president was carrying the two guns he was using to celebrate his 91st birthday.

“If he was the victim of the shooter, the gunman is dead,” Chief Ozzie Laporte said, according to the Houston Chronicle. “His hands aren’t injured. That’s not what we’re looking at. We’re looking at the motive.”

A source told ABC News’ Martha Raddatz that the two guns that were reportedly used by the shooter would not be recovered. The shooter apparently chose the area to perform the shooting after “taking some time to think about what he wanted to do,” the source added.

Bush was among more than 200 people who paid $25,000 for an invitation to speak at the University of Houston’s Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity on Sunday night, while waiting to hear if they would be able to attend the event at his residence.

A photo uploaded to Facebook shows a woman with Bush’s name on a t-shirt.

At the time of Bush’s arrival, a Houston police source told the Houston

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What colors were popular in the 1980’s? – Flapper Dress 1920S
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