What colors were popular 1920s? – Casual Flapper Dress

We would have found out. But we never found out about the 1920s until my mother asked me how I lived with the colors. I had not gone to the movies, not once, since we had lived in a house without indoor plumbing. So my mother asked for all the movies I had seen and all the color schemes and movie scenes and how they looked, that I kept in this cabinet, where it has always stayed. So today when I look at the color chart, I will find many colors that I did not know were common in that decade but I still recognize them in every movie scene that’s shown on television and some of the colors of the 1920s, such as purple, dark teal, olive drab, red, and green.

Are there any movie color charts I can reference?

Yes, many of them. The following links are a few of the best movie color charts of the 1920s:

The following is an edited transcript of a conversation with Dr. Paul G. McHugh, M.D., on his website, www.DrMcHughonline.com which has been edited for length and clarity. The full transcript of our interview is available at http://www.drmorhughonline.com/mccain-interview/.

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What colors were popular 1920s? – Casual Flapper Dress
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