What are 5 words to describe a flapper? – Vintage 1920S Flapper Dresses

This is the most common question we’re asked.

As a flapper, you can be anything:

you can be funny – this is what gets people flocking to you

you can be bold/funny – a lot of the people who flock to you are

you can be serious -a lot of people are, but we can’t be too serious

you can have style – it’s what makes you flamboyant.

You can have a sense of humour – people love to laugh at you!

You can be outgoing/friendly – flappers are always welcome to be here

What are some of the main attributes of a flapper?

If you have a really large personality the most memorable thing about you will probably be that you have a very outgoing personality.

If you have a small personality the most memorable thing about you will be that you have a lot of style.

If you’re a super sweet person, there are other attributes such as being fun to be with and a real sweetheart who is interested in the person.

Who is the last person you saw flappin’ a flapper?

If you were really lucky you might be going home with a real sweetheart or a true flapper.

But if you weren’t lucky you might have been able to bump into any random guy on the street and then they’d probably be flabbergasted about their luck.

What do you call someone who can flop?

A super flapper.

Is there anything we do that makes us look different from other people?

You’ll probably find that a whole lot of people aren’t comfortable being identified as a flapper.

When you see other flappers walking round a club or a bar they’ll look flirty/charming/glamorous or something a lot like that.

But if you see us you’ll think we’re so flirty we have wings!

The truth is that no matter how sexy we may be or however good looking we may be, we’re a lot like you and we look a lot like you.

It’s the same with anything: a lot of flappers would be a lot like you don’t know anyone else like you do, so we don’t really blend in.

What is the most iconic style of flappers?

A flapper has to have pretty amazing style! This means

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What are 5 words to describe a flapper? – Vintage 1920S Flapper Dresses
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