What are 5 words to describe a flapper? – Flapper Dress With Sleeves

You probably know the answer, because it’s on the list of the 5 most common types of women you may have encountered (along with flamboyant, promiscuous and “attractive”, which is another adjective you’d probably know all from the word “beautiful”).

“Flappers are flapper-esque.”

“Flannel is a new fad flapper.”

“Flappers are flappers.”

“Flapper chic.”

“Flappers are the latest fashions.”

“Flapper’s are the fashionistas.”

“Flappers are the flappers.”

“So many flappers!”

But when you actually ask those women how they felt when they first met other flappers, the answer can be different.

“It was kind of awkward” might be the answer, while another might be “It was actually really cool!”

So why does finding a flapper make you feel more comfortable?

“It’s a new fad”

In their article, Why Flappers Are Sexy, authors Kristin Jones and Stephanie Boggs say the reason seems simple:

“Flamers are the hottest fads this season. Flappers have the most style, but have the worst looks. Flappers are more popular in the media (e.g., television) than flamboyance is. Flapper-esque is a fashion trend, so more people are flapping!”

So, the reason for flapping is fashion, but it’s more attractive than fashionable.
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Flappers, as we described above and in previous articles, come from a specific subculture of people that are either socially insecure, or have a lot of social anxiety.

They feel like they need to conform, but are unsure of how to.

They’ve been called flappers, flamed, bougie, jezebel, bougie, chick and many more other words that mean the same, so it’s common for flappers to see themselves in a certain way.

So, if you’ve been flapping, you’ve probably found your own style.

The key is to find someone who is comfortable with you.

You’ll often find some flappers are uncomfortable with you when you first meet them; however, once you’re comfortable that they can be themselves, their reactions will become more normal and less awkward.

Some flappers are too

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What are 5 words to describe a flapper? – Flapper Dress With Sleeves
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