How do you dress like a 1920s flapper? – 1920S Flapper Dress Pattern Uk

You don’t. You’re the modern-day equivalent of a 1920s man — a man who looks as if he’s just crawled out of a barber booth.

If you’re like many people who don’t wear their hair into the 60s, you don’t want to. We’ve spent so very long over the last century ignoring hair in favor of other, better, things, that now it seems downright absurd to think that a whole generation has been doing without something so basic as our hair. But if we were so inclined as to have a look, you wouldn’t be far off. What does it entail? It’s important to get it right first, though — not just because of its impact on your appearance and your psyche, but because of something far more important about hair at the turn of the century.

I’ve already talked about the role of hair and its associated fashion — but one of the most important roles of hair was as a key link in the fashion network for men and women of the time. From the moment they got out of the house, whether it was to their new houses, new job or new apartment, they left much of their hair at home — which meant it often had its own unique aesthetic, to say the least.

At its core, the fashion of the day was about keeping the appearance and presentation of the man in line with his persona — in so far as it was possible to do so in the face of his surroundings. Hair was one area of expression in which this could be done, but not the only one. Hairdressers wore their hair in a variety of ways, with many varying the basic style and arrangement of the strands.

In the 1920s, the way people got on with the world of the 1920s had a lot in common with what we’ve come to think of a modern day business meeting: you had to look good and take care of that which was essential about your being with other people. So it was no surprise that men could look like they had just crawled out from a barber’s booth.

While the basic shape and appearance of hair would remain relatively consistent, there were major variations — and most of them were stylistic. For example, some people would go straight for their hair, while others would try a half-upfront look. Others would take their hair in waves (like those people pictured above) or simply add more color (like folks sitting at a cocktail party who had been drinking).

So, while

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How do you dress like a 1920s flapper? – 1920S Flapper Dress Pattern Uk
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