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When the Revolution started, the English language had been in the process of becoming the main language for education in the West. The revolution was to make the language the only one to make a special mark on the Western culture, and English became the primary language of education in the United States. Many flapper outfits were founded to express that culture.

This process of making the language the main language was not easy: for many years, every form of writing was an alternative. The idea that only written language was acceptable started with the French Revolution by the Jacobins and was reflected also after the French Revolution by the English speaking peoples.

So, the first flappers used their own language, and this language did not reflect the originality of their culture, but rather, its vulgarities. The French Revolution started a trend of replacing all French written language with Spanish. It was a terrible blow for French cultural heritage: that language of freedom, of revolt, is one of the best cultural treasures of the Western world.

In the United States, the French Language was still the only national language which was acceptable for education and the rest was forbidden to be used. The English language that is spoken in the United States was not the same one as what the French people were talking about.

If you take a look at the history of the US, you will notice that the English language was not used much until after the Revolution, just like the French language was not used until after the French Revolution.

What happened when the revolution started, what did they do with the written language?

After the revolution started in 1789, it was impossible to create another language: that is, to have two national languages. The process of replacing written language was slow. The French Revolution started in 1789 on a very large scale. The French language was already in danger to disappear. The French-speaking peoples were also under threat in that period: Frenchmen in America, who were not yet fully assimilated into the French cultural tradition; Frenchmen in Spain, who would never fully become European and who would never leave French culture; Frenchmen from Britain, who wanted their identity as a European people.
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Since the French Revolution started in 1789, there was an effort to make the written language a part of the national culture of the world. And from the beginning, as you can see by the French text from 1791, the struggle for the writing language was the struggle for the cultural rights of the culture. The question was

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How did flappers express their freedom? – Flapper Dress Patterns
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