Did flappers wear tights? – Where Can I Buy Flapper Dresses Near Me

We don’t have any idea on the subject because they never tried that style.

Did we know there was a time when we couldn’t even speak English?

At the time we just knew how the English sounded.

Was it a tradition in Japan to keep one’s hair in a bun?

We don’t know this because they didn’t try any of those styles.

Are women who wear kimonos called maids or maidens?

They don’t call them maids because they wore them as casual accessories too.

Did Japanese girls and women have babies in the 1950s?


Did Japanese girls and women who have babies call them ‘bride’ or ‘gift’?


Did Japanese women wear the traditional dress of a maid when they went abroad?

No they wore dresses and ties.

Did Japanese men in those days go to the beach wearing shorts?


What is Japanese culture with the word ‘love’?

It refers to a relationship between two people.

What was the name of a Japanese girl in her teens who went to Hawaii for the first time ever?

We don’t have such a story to tell, as she never returned for several years.

Who was there that night that we saw in the street wearing a red and black shirt?

It’s the girl named Suzuko Nakano. She wasn’t in Hawaii at the time, but she did manage to get in a car on the way back, because there are no car rental agencies there.

Were all these girls that we met in Hawaii really “Japanese girls” who went abroad for the first time and didn’t come back all?

Naw, they weren’t really ‘Japanese girls.’ They were girls who came to Japan as foreigners to work. They were Japanese nationals in their respective countries who decided to return.

Were Japanese girls called ‘maids’ or ‘maidens’ at the time they went abroad?

They really didn’t consider those types of names at all.

What time did Japan get its first television station?

It was in 1945.

Were there Japanese girls who wore their hair at the back all the time?

No. The trend was to have long styles and no extensions.

Did Japan have any girls who wore a white bikini?

No, there was no such thing then

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Did flappers wear tights? – Where Can I Buy Flapper Dresses Near Me
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