How do you draw the back of a car? – How To Learn Automotive Design

That doesn’t make me want to do a drawing for that. I don’t do it.

What does it come down to?

The car is so big, and I draw the entire back from top to bottom in a few hours. I do the trunk, but I only draw the trunk line. That is the line I draw all the way around.

What is up with the paint?

I get it from the people who are in charge of what it looks like. They do that from their jobs.

You work with your eyes the entire time. What is going on in your head?

I’m thinking about the paint on the car. What was it painted, again? What are the layers? I try to get a good idea on the whole thing to see what it looks like. I see it and put the back paint line in as well. I’m thinking all the way around, and I think how it looks with different angles, or the front lines, how it looks with reflections. I’m making all the angles and looking at all the details. That’s how I do it. I’m not doing an artist’s drawing. Some people are working out what they’re going to do next, and it’s a really hard thing. When you’re working in a sketchbook, you just start from the top, and you just keep drawing until you get to the bottom of the page; and then the whole thing gets better and better, until you get something that works.

Do you work for design groups?

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This past year, I did an exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art. It’s called “The Art of the Cars,” and it’s all about cars. I was really excited to do it. As I’m in the process of getting this whole series of “In My Dreams” done, I’m doing my thing all by myself. With doing it by myself, you have to be really careful because there’s a lot of detail that goes around and around that you don’t really know. It takes a really long time to get it right. And then, after you get it, you see what it looked like in the sketchbook.

What do you use to do all the sketching?

I don’t do anything with pencils, but they do get in the way. I’m drawing over my computer.

Who are your collaborators? What are they drawing?

There are two people that I work

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How do you draw the back of a car? – How To Learn Automotive Design
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