How do you draw dear? – How To Draw A Car From Above Easy

Draw me, sir, I mean, draw my pretty little cousin with your eye!

Here, then—give me one more kiss!

Now, now!—there you are!

There, there!—you are just like your dear sister!

Oh! the delight of seeing you!

Oh, for you there is a pleasure indeed!

Oh, I have been looking so long!

But now that she is gone, let us talk of my cousin!

Is it for her that her pretty brother has been so kind?

No, no; it is his father, that is good for all—

But my cousin is my dearest sister; and the only one!

How do you love her well?

She is fair; and I too am fair—

Is that it?

She is pretty good for her age, my son.

But she can’t bear to have the same bed as us,

As we do hers—and I, to spare my poor soul!

Why, the girl’s beautiful—do you think she is good?

Yes, she could, and if you knew her, you would.

Is she fair?


Where does she go, you ask?

She goes where she likes, she says she likes.

Tell me, son, is her hair pretty, too, to be worn like my mother’s?

Well, if it is, it is mine and ours and mine alone.

Is her nose pretty?

I see she has a beautiful face, my dear boy!

Is her face very pretty?

Indeed it is! I see it so, and I love it.

Well! I am almost sure, sir, that, upon closer inspection,

Your cousin (she has made a present to him of his cousin’s hair.

He has promised to marry it if it grows well!

The lady, she says, is in the greatest need of a wigmaker, as she has a head like a tree’s.

What a wonderful girl it is, you know!

You will be proud, then, my dear son!

Oh! I am sure you will.

Tell her, then, I am very happy to see you,
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My dear, dear boy!

Is she

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How do you draw dear? – How To Draw A Car From Above Easy
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