How do you draw an army vehicle? – How To Draw Cars Easy Chevy Truck

Here is a simple example for the sake of simplicity:

First you define your general shape. In this case I am defining a box with the area that my enemy has. You then add your infantry vehicle, the “tank” model and two pieces of infantry which have to occupy the same piece position. Finally you create terrain around it. I have added this in my example, however you could take it further.

For the most part your infantry are just a vehicle. They need to walk and drive and fire.

It really is that easy to create an army vehicle.

I believe this is good for the following reasons:

The more you understand army vehicle models the more you can draw them in a different way.

The more infantry you add the more you can work with terrain.

For example here is a model I have made for an army vehicle. It looks very similar to this:

The key difference is the use of terrain. In the example I have created above I have used a lot of low detail terrain (grass, rocks ect) and I have added them in the order in which they appear in the army vehicle, but if you could just add a lot of these pieces at once the model would look much better, particularly with terrain in it’s terrain area. The key to making that happen is to create the model in a way that allows you to see and see the different places the terrain fits in your model but at the same time not feel like you are wasting a whole bunch of time going through the motions of filling the terrain with terrain with the wrong terrain. For example I will create a base to mine. I can then add in a bit of terrain, I will not use all the “high res” terrain I have but will add high res pieces along with the basic terrain, to create the main part that represents the size of the mine box. In the end I will then add a large rock and use it to define the base mine. Of course the rocks can also simply be added onto the small piece of low detail terrain I have not used. But that would be quite a boring place to stand in. So I add low detail terrain in the form a bit of low definition grass and then I will then draw a little bit of high res terrain.

The key to making this work is to think about how you want the models to move around the base and the rock. How to create the low detail terrain so it does not have the same

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How do you draw an army vehicle? – How To Draw Cars Easy Chevy Truck
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